CAFÉ SOLO is a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur meticulously crafted in the UK, marrying espresso-strength coffee with premium vodka and natural sugar.

Our signature CAFÉ SOLO Original boasts a robust ABV of 25%, delivering a bold, rich flavour profile with hints of dark fruit acidity, chocolate, and vanilla notes, culminating in a subtle sweet finish.

about Café Solo

Our story

Coffee cocktails like the Espresso Martini are wildly popular, and we're here for it! After chatting with bartenders across the UK, we knew it was time for a fresh, super-premium coffee liqueur range. Many bartenders make their own coffee liqueur because others can be too sweet or lack that bold coffee punch! That's why we teamed up with SOLO Coffee, to craft the ultimate sipping liqueur. It's perfectly balanced and ready to elevate your favourite coffee cocktails to the next level!


CAFÉ SOLO is crafted with premium SOLO Espresso Strength Cold Brew Coffee, boasting a full-bodied flavour profile, rich acidity, and a refreshingly clean finish. The Solo team ethically source beans from Brazil and Colombia, which are blended and expertly cold brewed to perfection.

Our coffee partner

Grounded with exceptional coffee, CAFÉ SOLO uses SOLO Coffee. Developed by former baristas, SOLO Coffee has gained international acclaim, supplying renowned bars and restaurant groups in the UK and internationally.

spill the beans


Kicking off the journey is the launch of CAFÉ SOLO Original. Throughout 2024 and beyond, we're thrilled to introduce the CAFÉ SOLO Cask series, where our unique blend is carefully finished in a variety of premium casks previously home to wines and spirits like Sherry, Whiskey, and Cognac.


Let's spill the beans on our brand name! We chatted to our friends at SOLO Coffee about the meaning of "Café Solo". The Spanish phrase directly translated is “just coffee”, which is the go-to when you're craving that bold black coffee or an invigorating espresso shot. SOLO Coffee certainly do that very well!

Here at CAFÉ SOLO, we're not only about java; our name embodies a whole vibe – from the rich coffee culture to the intriguing world of casks and cocktails.

our signature

CAFÉ SOLO Original is the ultimate fusion of quality ingredients, resulting in a tantalising liqueur that's as smooth as it is indulgent. Whether you prefer it straight up or as the star of your favourite cocktail, CAFÉ SOLO will elevate your experience!


Have you ever wondered why there are always three coffee beans garnishing your espresso martini?

This is the cocktail's trademark and are said to represent health, wealth and happiness.